What is the LinkFund?

The LinkFund is a business that sells customized picture jewelry links. We're heavily charity driven. For every link that is sold, a portion of the sale will go to charity. Our product is manufactured locally in Charlevoix, Michigan.

How does the LinkFund work as a business, and how do I use your website?

Please click on the "About Us" section of our website (upper right). There will be a video that explains our business and how to use our website.

How can my charity participate?

You can call 1-855-315-LINK (5465) or 1-855-313-LINK (5465) and a representative will help you set up your LinkFund.

How can I get involved as a sponser of celebrity?

Please call 1-855-313-LINK (5465) or 1-855-315-LINK (5465) and a representative will help you.

How do I browse charities, sponsors, and celebrities on the LinkFund website?

On the left side of our homepage, there is a section called "Supporting Organizations." Under "Supporting Organizations" there are buttons that are associated with different categories. Clicking a button will show you all the charities, sponsors, and celebrities under that category.

What is a Supporting Organizations?

There are three groups of people who are participating directly with the LinkFund. They are charities, sponsors, and celebrities. Keep in mind that each time a link is sold, a portion of proceeds will go to a charity.

What is a share link?

A share link is a link owned by a charity, sponsor, or celebrity. If you purchase a charity's link, a portion of the proceeds will go directly to them. If you purchase a sponsor's or celebrity's link, a portion of the proceeds will go to their charity of choice.

What is a stock link?

Stock links are our standard sized link. They can be owned by a supporting organization or the LinkFund. If you purchase a link owned by the LinkFund, a portion of the proceeds will go to a charity of your choice.

What is a premium link?

Premium links are specialty links that cost more than our standard stock links. These include links where royalties are paid, links made of more expensive materials, unique link designs, etc. They can be owned by a supporting organizations or the LinkFund. If you purchase a link owned by the LinkFund, a portion of the proceeds will go to a charity of your choice.

What are links made of?

Stock links are made of pewter and manufactured in the USA. The photo or design on the link is covered with a clear resin to protect against high temperatures and make the links waterproof. Premium links can be made of pewter as well, but may also be made with other metals (eg: gold, silver, etc). If you'd like to purchase links made of materials other than pewter, please contact us for a quote.

Can I use my own images or photos to create a custom personalized link?

You can use your own images or photos to create a custom personalized link. Visit the "Create A Link" section on our web site, and it will guide you through the process. Please note, you must own the rights to the images or photos that you use. These links are made of pewter. If you'd like the links made in a different metal, please contact us for a quote. A portion of the proceeds will go to a charity of your choice.

What are link accessories?

Link accessories are items other than links that complete your LinkFund bracelet. Link accessories include bands, spacers, and many more items to come.

Do bands come in different colors?

There are 33 different band colors at this time. More will be added in the future.

What are the bands made of?

The bands are made of quality medical grade silicone and can are very durable.

What size bands are available?

The bands can be cut to fit any sized wrist and come with a locking clasp.

What are spacers?

Spacers are small accessories inserted between the links on your bracelet. Various spacers are available, and our most popular are made with Swarovskiâ„¢ crystals.

How do I assemble my bracelet?

Please see the "Bracelet Example" section of our web site for detailed instructions of assembling your bracelet.

After placing an order, how long does it take until it's ready to ship?

Order processing will vary depending on whether the links are in stock or if they have to be made. Our average processing time will be 5-10 business days until your order ships. Once your order has been shipped, you will receive a separate email with your tracking number.

Is there any guarantee against major defects on LinkFund products?

When the clear resin is hand poured over the image or photo on the link, small bubbles may form. This is considered common and does not detract from the image. If there are any major defects in the link, band, or clasp, the LinkFund will replace it free of charge upon return.

Why should I buy a LinkFund link when I can give directly to the fundraiser myself?

Our mission is to give you the opportunity to show your support for your community or favorite charity. Showing your personalized bracelet will encourage others to give. Also, a portion of the purchase price for all links sold will go to charity.

Do your pewter links contain any lead?

Absolutely none. Our links are made in the USA so there is no trace of any lead

Are all of your charities non-profit 501 C3?

Yes all of our charities are non-profit 501 C3 except for anyone listed under the Pray For Us section. This category was developed for those families reaching out for support or help usually due to health issues.